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Welcome to Jasmine Marie.

Hello visitor, my name is jasmine I want to welcome you to my home in the internet, It is a small place for me to add my art, favorite links vacation stories and much more. I have many art images to post just stay tune and keep coming back to see current updates new images and much more.

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Candy click to preview

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I will call this image candy, no special reson why I would call it that I had to think of a name for it. I like the way the colors look and I did not spill any on the rug or the sofa. I love candy and this image reminds me of all the good candy I have that my mommy and daddy wont let me have because I will eat it all.

If you have any comment on this image or any other image please feel free to contact us and I will try to get back to you before the summer is over, just kidding as soon as possible.

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I would like to tell my family and friends that I had a wonderfull time on my birthday, I had so much fun with the music, games, and family members that came. Wow what a great time it was I just can't wait for next year to come to do it all over again.

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Under construction.

Mist click to preview

Mist what a name to give an image that don't even reflect that but I did not know what to call it, do you have a name that you would like to name it, I am all for this and I wont be mad maybe daddy will be but I wont.

Anyway that is the name we chose more like daddy did and I guess that is what is going to be for now until I can type and change it myself.

Casper click to preview

I name this image Casper, I was thinking of him as I was adding it to the page, yea friendly ghost someday I will have to sit down with my little angel and tell her all about casper the friendly ghost and maybe even get her the movie one day when she is ready.

Anyway enjoy the image any comments are welcome...


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